Cierro. 3del83. Videodance

CIERRO is an oriel, a viewpoint that unwrap us, cutting us off like a knife. A closed balcony from which we are invited to practice shared solitude. A space that allows, in hectic times like this, to listen in silence to the birds and entertain ourselves with the search for the Other in our own reflection.

CIERRO is a videocreation directed by Ana Solinís with the dancer Vanesa Aibar and original music by José Torres Vicente.

It has been created, between Seville and Cádiz, during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic from musical, corporal and audiovisual approaches to social distance and forced confinement. The artistic correspondence of the authors from their respective confinements is made up of the record of blind musical creations and isolated choreographic improvisations on a handful of words and common concerns. The result is an exercise in renouncing individualism, belonging to the community and recognizing the collectivities in oneself. 

Dance and shooting: Vanesa Aibar

Original music: José Torres Vicente

Videocreation: Ana Solinís

Wire sculpture: Ricardo Rojas. Centro de Creación Danza Mobile