With more than fifteen years of experience in the studio, I have taken part in the recording of more than two hundred songs. In my recording studio I use an audio chain in which I use microphones, preamps and high-end A/D converters (Neumann, DPA, AKG, Focusrite ISA, Antelope, etc.). I choose the configuration of microphones (model and type of microphone, polar pattern, distance, mono or stereo, etc.) according to the project and the needs of the production.


I accompany all phases of the creative and productive process,: from the original idea to the delivery of a mastered audio material ready to be distributed. I work in collaboration with other studios, musicians and mixing and mastering engineers. That’s why I can take care of and get involved in all phases of a project.

Ponte en contacto conmigo para contarme tu proyecto y te haré un presupuesto según tus necesidades.

Tell me about your project and I will make you a budget adapted to your needs. Contact me.


© Carlos Bonilla Calle me

If you think that my sound fits into your project, you can contact me.


©Carlos Bonilla Calle me

If you want to count on me as an arranger, to accompany you in the production, or to take care of production completely, here I am.


Fiverr y Soundbetter

Guitar recording. Are you on Fiverr or Soundbetter? Well, let’s talk directly on any of these platforms.

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