More than twenty years of experience in flamenco projects, popular music and fusion with different artists, bands and companies. Although flamenco guitar is my main instrument, I feel very comfortable playing acoustics and electrics as well.


This project together with Jasio Velasco (viola and musical saw) and Karo Sampela (drums) began in 2007 and has resulted in two albums, José Torres Trío and (UN)STILL LIFE, as well as several shows and many live performances. It’s halfway between a jazz trio and a chamber ensemble. Traditional flamenco is present in this music but is translated into contemporary musical languages and the peculiar timbre of the band. See presentation.

In my performances I use different flamenco guitars, with or without incorporated electronics. But I don’t just limit myself to flamenco or Spanish guitar. I also use various steel acoustic and electric guitars with different effects to process the sound according to the nature of the project.

Here you can watch some of my performances. See play list.

Feel free to contact me. Let’s talk about music.

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